Boise, Idaho is grounded in respect for our resources and delivers a spirit of can-do innovation. Part of Boise’s attraction (and our powerful retention) is the way new people, ideas and efforts take root and thrive here. This “anything’s possible” feeling means our future of “found nowhere else” opportunities could be written by best and brightest talent like you.

Education Partners

Founded 1932 – 22,259 Students

Idaho’s metropolitan research university, Boise State offers over 200 graduate and undergraduate degrees in the state’s political, business and cultural center. U.S. News & World Report has twice listed Boise State as one of the top up-and-coming schools in the nation for regional universities.

Founded 1889 – 11,534 students

The University of Idaho is the state’s oldest public university. In 2012, the U of I was the first in the nation to offer a doctorate degree in athletic training and was ranked in the top 30 in the nation as “a great university to hit the books and backcountry” by Outside magazine.

Founded 2011 – 110 Students

The Concordia University School of Law is the second in Idaho, and the first in Boise. The law school building is in downtown Boise at 501 West Front Street near the Idaho State Capitol, the Ada County Courthouse and the Idaho Supreme Court buildings.

Founded 1950 – 35,118 Students

With more than 35,000 students in 49 schools, West Ada (f. Meridian School District) is Idaho’s largest school district. Over 70 different languages are represented among the district’s students. Since 1979, West Ada School District has won over 150 state titles among its sports teams, competitive academic teams and performing groups.

Founded 2007 – 19,861 Students

One of the fastest growing community colleges in the nation, CWI is a comprehensive resource for higher education. In addition to 60 academic transfer and professional-technical programs, CWI offers fast-track career training for working professionals or people seeking to enter the workforce.

Founded 1865 – 26,023 Students

Boise School Districts offers a variety of specialized programs, from Montessori, Dual Language, Classical, International, Harbor, Full-day and Highly Gifted programs at elementary, to the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center, Dennis Professional-Technical Center, and the state’s preeminent Advanced Placement program at the secondary level.

There Are

Of Boise’s workforce has some college education

There Are

Of Boise residents have
a B.A. or higher

There Are

Of Boise in-migration have a B.A. or higher

There Are

US city for net
domestic in-migration



Hackfort convenes the brightest from the Boise tech community to address challenges and opportunities through technology. 2016 focus: bicycle safety.


Socially minded volunteer fest helps address Boise challenges and opportunities through technology. 2016 focus: bicycle safety.

Hi-Tech City

20% of Boise
workers hold
a STEM degree

Average $450
per worker for R&D investment

23,000 workers
in Advanced Industries

33rd in the US in Advanced Industries Job Growth

  • Idaho Shakespeare
  • Ballet
  • Boise
  • Boise
  • Opera
  • Treefort
    Music Festival

Anthony Doerr

Pulitzer Prize Winning Author | Boise City Cultural Ambassador

“In those moments the paradox that is Boise strikes deeply and keenly: it is a place both rural and metropolitan, civilized and feral. It’s a town full of settlers and wanderers, conservationists and conservatives, hippies and hunters, folks who value both snowmobiles and tiramisu, who clean their shotguns one evening and donate to the Shakespeare Festival the next.”

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Four Nationally Ranked High Schools

Boise High

Out of 22,000 Schools

  • #1 City “Where the Jobs Will Be This Spring”

    Forbes | March 2015

  • #2 Best City for Millennial Entrepreneurs

    FastCompany | July 2015

  • #1 “Red-Hot” Town

    TIME Magazine | March 17, 2014

  • #1 Best College Football Field

    USA Today | October 2014

  • Top 10 Best Places to Live | September 2014 

  • Fourth-Highest Percentage of Residents Who Bike to Work

    U.S. Census Bureau | 2014 

  • Top 10 Best “Big Cities for Active Families”

    Outside Magazine | 2014

  • #2 Top Up-And-Coming Cities for Recent College Grads

    Forbes | June 2015

  • #4 Best Travel-Worthy State Capital

    USA Today | January 2015 

  • #1 Best-Run Cities in America

    WalletHub | July 2016 

  • #5 Top Metros for Job Growth

    Bureau of Labor Statistics | December 2016 

  • #1 Lowest Cost of Doing Business in the Pacific U.S.

    KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives | 2014 

  • #1 Most Caring City in America

    WalletHub | December 2015

  • Top 10 Best Brunch Spots in America  

    Mens Journal | January 2015

  • #3 Most Charitable State

    WalletHub | December 2014

  • Best Under-The-Radar Destinations of 2015

    Huffington Post | November 2014

  • #5 “Most Fair State Tax Systems” (Idaho)

    WalletHub | September 2014

  • Top 10 Places You Should “Dare to Go” on Your Global Adventure

    CNN | May 2014 

  • #1 Best City for Kids | May 2014 

  • #7 Best Place to Raise a Family

    Forbes | April 2014 

Continuing improvements

Boise invests in itself through ongoing neighborhood-focused enrichment efforts as well as new programs to balance our historical culture with the positive change that comes from an influx of new peoples and ideas.

Artists, makers, musicians and creators are finding wonderful connections and hungry new partakers for their ideas in Boise. A variety of city-supported programs as well as organic new arrivals like a popular regional music festival are among the brightest recent developments on our arts and culture scene.
Boise’s commitment to pre-kindergarten education makes our community a standout in the state of Idaho and the region. Working collaboratively with childcare providers and CLD development specialists, the Boise Pre-K Project is designed to ensure a higher set of skills for children entering our pubic schools.
In partnership with local business and the City of Boise, Boise State University is pioneering the Responsible Business Initiative. This initiative aims to drive awareness and preference for businesses committed to diversity, sustainability, and other aspects of social change. Offering a variety of support resources, the program is achieving national attention for Boise’s business and education communities.